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How to Get Free SSL Certificate for WordPress Website?

Jun 17, 2022 0 comments

 Do you know that Google displays all non-SSL WordPress sites as “Not Safe”? It means that if you're not using an SSL certificate on your site, then you can lose faith in your customers?

As this SSL certificate helps secure your site data, it is also a necessity to accept payments online.

Usually, paid SSL certificates are very costly. If you're only starting a blog or building a DIY business site, you're probably choosing to keep costs down.

Fortunately, there are many ways to get a free SSL certificate to minimize your website's expense. In this post, we'll explain you how to get a free SSL certificate easily for your WordPress site and set it up on your own.

SSL Certificate for WordPress Website

What Is SSL Certificate?

SSL refers to Secure Socket Layer. It is an Internet protocol to protect data transmission between the user's browser and the website that they are visiting.

Each web user transfers data while visiting the sites. This data can also be sensitive, such as payment information, credit card details, or login details.

Using the usual HTTP protocol, this data can be stolen by attackers. That's where either SSL or HTTPS comes in.

WordPress websites require an SSL certificate, which is issued by an approved certificate issuing authority. This certificate is proven and illuminated in the user's browser address bar with a padlock and HTTPS rather than HTTP.

Why We Need SSL Certificate for WordPress Website?

SSL/HTTPS is suggested for all WordPress sites on the web. Although it is particularly essential for all websites which contain user data such as login credentials, account details, credit cards, and much more.

If you manage an e-commerce website, a membership site, or need users to log in, you have to instantly get an SSL certificate.

Many online payment platforms need your site to use SSL/HTTPS before you can accept payments.

Apart from protection, the SSL certificate also brings a better impression of your brand among your visitors. Google also suggests using SSL, and analysis displays that SSL-enabled sites are significantly higher in Google search engine results. 

Last but not least, if your site doesn't use an SSL certificate, then Google will demonstrate to your users that your site is not safe.

How does SSL Certificate work?

SSL secures data by encrypting the transmission of data between the browser of the user and the site. Whenever a visitor visits the SSL/HTTP site, their browser first checks if the website's SSL certificate is valid.

If all verify, then the browser uses the public key of the website to encrypt data. This data is being sent back to the targeted website, where it is decrypted by using the public key and the private secret key.

How Much Cost for an SSL Certificate?

The SSL Certificates cost varies from one certificate authority to another. Their cost can be around $50 to $200 each year. Many companies provide extra services with their certificates, which can also impact the SSL certificate cost.

If you're buying an SSL certificate, then we suggest using They are among the biggest domain name registration providers in the world and provide the best possible deal on SSL certificates.

They provide easy SSL certificate packages, which start at $35.99 each year, which comes with a $10,000 security guarantee along with the TrustLogo website seal. When you have bought an SSL certificate, you can ask your hosting company to install it. Before you do that, you must check if you can get a free SSL certificate.

 How Can We Get a Free SSL Certificate?

Many website owners are hesitant to use SSL due to extra costs. It has left many small sites prone to information and data theft.

A non-profit program named “Let's Encrypt” determined to solve it by setting up a free certificate authority.

This certificate authority aims to make it much easier for site owners to receive a free SSL certificate. The Internet will become a secure place if too many websites start using SSL. 

Because of the importance of the project, it was easily supported by prominent companies such as Google, Facebook, Shopify,, and others.

The problem is that the installation of a free SSL certificate through Let's Encrypt for a new user is very difficult because it needs knowledge of the code and the knowledge of the server systems.

Some Key Takeaways

SSL certificate is known as Secure Socket Layer. It is an Internet protocol to protect data transmission between the user's browser and the website that they are visiting. Nowadays, SSL/HTTPS certificates are very necessary for sites on the Web. With SSL/HTTPS certificates, the data transmission between your computer and the website is secured and thus prevents a third party from stealing your sensitive data. Many Popular browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have taken measures to notify people that the website doesn't have an SSL certificate. If you are concerned about website security, then you don’t need to worry about it!

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