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Andaman Island is full of thrillers, legends, stunning unexplored islands, and the uncommon gift of nature. It's miles surrounded by means of tropical rainforests and has plenty of studies on the region’s plants and fauna. It's by far the dream destination for all those people who are in love with water sports activities, particularly scuba diving. 

The crystal clear water and the marine life in the vicinity are what appeal to divers on the island. The divers have one-of-a-lifetime experience within the waters of the island. There are rules and guidelines which need to be stored in mind by the travelers and the locals at the same time as giving the water recreation i.e scuba diving

DOs of scuba diving

Scuba diving has to constantly be planned

Scuba diving ought to usually be planned as the game relies upon the weather and the current of the waves. The middle chargeable for scuba diving should constantly preserve a test on the agenda of the boats and divers who have long gone diving within the sea. 

Climate document

Climate reviews of the vicinity need to always be checked by way of the divers before going into the ocean. The alternate in climate should immediately be informed to the divers earlier than going to the site as it can have an effect on their lifestyles if the situation on the website has long passed wrong. 

Condition of the web page

The site that has been selected for diving needs to continually be of a depth of 20 meters and the height of the waves of the wave should no longer exceed 0.5 meters. The present-day waves in the sea are slightly low. The visibility underwater should at least be more than 4 meters so that the divers can see the underworld of the sea. The diving should be done for the duration of the daylight. 

Sharing Hand signals and goals with the Divers 

One ought to usually decide on the hand indicators and gals of their diving with their diving instructor before going in the water for recreation. Your diving trainer and the alternative member should have one signal for the sentence or words like out of the air, the distinction in air strain, turning around, you’re fine or now not, and lots of other indicators for one-of-a-kind kinds of stuff. 


The water sport “scuba diving” is all constructed on a person’s reliance on themselves and taking personal responsibility. You ought to never rely upon others within the water as they want to attend to themselves too and one may be an awesome diver simplest if they're a self-reliant diver which can deal with themselves without anyone’s help. 

Mindful of your role inside the water

One ought to usually be cautious with their distance from the reefs and the divers in the water. You need to continually create a buoyancy control and may conserve the air inside the water and marine life. 

Proper Rinse Bucket

If the diving operation you've got opted for offers the rinse bucket then consider of what you’re rinsing and the way you’re rinsing it. For example, you’re rinsing your mouth organs of yours inside the bucket, after which if someone else desires to do the same but they're a piece strict with their hygiene then they won’t be capable of doing it. 


Communicate at some stage in a briefing 

One must always listen to what the trainer has to say approximately diving at the location. Even if you’re familiar with the education, there may be a risk that the other character is not aware of the commands and it can be dangerous for them to be within the water without understanding all of the recommendations. 

Pass the buddy check

One must never skip the friend check as it's miles a totally important and essential technique before going into the water for diving. You should continually flip the air on and should properly insert the burden pouch correctly. 

You can limit the hassle which could get up within the water after going thru the pal and taking a look at-up before going inside the water for diving. 

Digital cameras dominate the power of everybody

The Experience

Human beings love taking photos or videos after they pass in the water for diving however always take care that even when doing so other’s perspectives are not blocked and they are capable of seeing the creatures. Many marine animals get scared and can be neglected even as you’re trying to get that ideal shot for you so one has to contend with that too. 

There are divers who don’t like to be in the picture or video so preserve in mind to test with anybody in the group on the land or in the water have to ask people before getting them on your shot.


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